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After seeing the contact info on this website, several complaints have been filed with the State of Oregon about Standard Insurance's practices. Keep writing.
The more complaints the state gets, the more likely the Standard will be investigated and have to change it's practices.

All emails that are received are relayed to Insurance News contacts in the hopes someone will help.
This page will be updated when new info is available. Last update was Aug 2007



ADVICE: Do Not Buy Policies From

Standard Insurance Of Portland, Oregon

Policyholders Allege Fraud And Deceit

Many policyholders of Standard Insurance Company of Portland, Oregon have written complaints about the alleged hoodlum/guerilla tactics used in order to get out of paying legitimate claims. Excerpts of these letters on file follow. Names are withheld to protect the claimants who have written the letters. Here is a synopsis of the allegations thus far:

Letters on this page are old but for the last year and a half there has been an increase of mail regarding Standard's practices and an increased desperation on the part of the victims as they have nowhere to turn. I do not print the more recent letters because they would be mere repetition of what is here and I don't want any vindictiveness by Standard towards those who file a complaint with Insurance News. Hundreds and possibily thousands of lives are being ruined by Standard's "method of business".
alert! Claimant alleges that Standard during a two year period several times used the tactic of cutting off disability payments to coerce them into signing away all privacy rights of the individual. Medical and non-medical records were sought by Standard so as to get out of paying the disability claim and NOT for the reason of determining disability. Five doctors would not release the claimant for work. This claimant signed his own authorization form of release of records under the provision that Standard would inform the claimant which records they were seeking and where Standard was sending copies of these records. Standard accepted the authorization form and then seven months later decided it was too cumbersome for them and completely cut off all disability payments to this person. Today the claimant has no income and is still not permitted by any doctor's to return to work.

alert! Claimant alleges: This Company seems to have a split personality whereby one hand doesn't know what the other is doing. Since 1994 I have had a running battle with them. In July 1998 a new mess has surfaced regarding an intolerable increase in our insurance premiums. I have found contact with Standard employees to be like talking to a blank wall. Stone-walling supplemental insurance customers and their questions appears to be the norm for the Group Policy Department of Standard Insurance Company.
alert! Another claimant alleges that Standard forced them to take Social Security Disability through threating tactics similar to the above and more personal privacy invasion. This person also refused to sign and now Standard is insisting they owe an over-payment of $11,000 and want reimbursement.
alert! Another alleges they cut off their disability benefits without warning in November 1997. "The stress and frustration they have caused me is undescribable!"
alert! Claimant alleges that Standard denies their claim due to opinions of "house doctors" of Standard Insurance Company whom have never examined the policyholder. Two doctors who HAVE examined the policyholder determined that the person is disabled. Standard refuses to pay the disability.
alert! Claimant alleges: I have short term disability coverage with Standard through my employer. After submitting my initial claim to Standard they informed me that they had to do a "pre-existing condition" investigation because I had been insured less than 24 months. All the information they needed for the subsequent investigation was already available from the initial claim information. This is a violation of Oregon Insurance Law. I called Standard and talked to the claims handler, she did a good job at passing the buck to her supervisor. They then went over my file again and claim. The supervisor snottily told me that THEIR Drs. review all the claims appeals.Right now I am out money in lost wages. I, fortunately, had money in savings to cover me but I wonder how other people who don't have these resources survive.I hate this insurance company. They have repeatedly denied me increases in my life insurance coverage also.Please add me to your list of Standard victims. I would love to get them.
alert! Another Disabled Person says: Please include me in the complaint against Standard Insurance Company. They have denied me for the third time using false information about my job provided by my employer -- even though I have given them a mountain of substantiating evidence to the contrary, Code from the DOT, etc. They used what was favorable to them so they could deny my claim.They have ignored the evidence presented in my doctors' reports. I have spoken to patients, physical therapists and doctors, and I get a unanimous "groan" when the name of Standard Insurance Company -- "forget it." There must be a good reason why. I have Fibromyalgia and when it first hit, I couldn't even get out of bed. Then I had an auto accident on top of it (on the way to my Fibromyalgia doctor). My wonderful life was ripped out from under me by these malicious capitalists.
alert! Another says: Dear Sirs, I am permanently dissabled due to an on the job injury, that occured 1/15/98. At that time, I had full coverage insurance through Standard Insurance Company, which includes dissability. To date, all they have done is send me letter after letter. Something MUST be done about this! I desperately need the payments that are due me, and it doesn't seem that I will be recieving anything from this Company! Please send me information about joining the 'class action lawsuit', that I had about, via the Internet. Thank you for your time.
alert! Claimant alleges that "after eight months of hassle and two rejections, I am currently receiving Standard LTD benefits. Please add me to the list of the Class Action Suit against Standard. I've got a complete file and good notes."
alert! Claimant alleges that Standard on and off during their claim has cut them off for without warning nor reason even though their doctors still say they are disabled. "I have lost my home because of them and my personal life is a mess. My life has been totally turned upside down and I am out on the street because of this Company."
alert! Claimant alleges: I have been denied benefits several times on the same claim even though doctors will not allow me to return to work.I have kept a file, and have also contacted the State of Washington Health Care Authority, and Insurance Commissioner and the Governor's office repeatedly to no avail. I keep copies of my correspondence, and would be willing to testify.
alert! And yet another: My wife was clinically diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1994. After having several severe attacks which put her in the hospital each time, she returned to work as an LPN. About 2 years ago she suffered an attack which has since rendered her unable to to much of anything. Standard Insurance cut her benefits about 6 months ago. I sent them a letter of appeal and they reopened her case and began paying her benefits again. A few days ago they sent a letter stating that her case was now closed, that they would no longer pay benefits, that there was no medical evidence that she could no longer continue her material duties and on and on. One day later a check for $1,000.00 came in from Standard "To aid her in this transisional period". We have not cashed this check and have no intention to. They are well aware that M.S. can take years to medically diagnose. The worst of it is that they have an MRI that positively shows scarring of the white matter of the brain and two of our doctors stating that there is strong clinical suspicion of MS.
Above is just a small sampling of email received!

It Has Come To My Attention That Some Claimant's Of Standard Insurance Are Printing This Page And Sending It To Their Congressmen And Senators. You have our permission to do so. You may also send a copy to Senator Orrin G. Hatch who within the last few years keynoted a meeting with Standard and other insurance company lawyers and management on:

"How To Repel The Coming Lawsuits and Class Actions Suits Against Insurance Companies Using The ERISA Laws."

Currently all email is sent to a list of legal professionals or governmental servants who are very interested in collecting information on Standard's practices. I do not want to give false hope as many cases just do not get solved. BUT your email complaint WILL be read by the government or a legal professional who want to help! In any event, if you have had experience with Standard Insurance of Portland, Oregon and you care then please tell us:



From a Standard victim we just received this email:

"I just received the following from Oregon State:
Thanks again for bringing this to our attention and for working to get more complaints filed, that's the key to a big solution.

Carol Simila
Consumer Advocate Liaison
Oregon Insurance Division"

Suggestion On How YOU Can Help

From the same source:

Following are email address for the appropriate contacts at Oregon State Dept. of Insurance. So far, these people have been very responsive to me, and quite helpful. They told me to ask everyone on this website to send their email complaints to them because the more complaints they get about one company, the more likely the State will be to take action. Even if people have given up and are no longer getting disability benefits from Standard, they should still complain. Their benefits could be reinstated, with back pay.

My benefits were reinstated after being terminated for several years. But they are trying some of these same tactics now.

Unum just lost a class action lawsuit for terminating and denying disability benefits to claimants. This is good for us.

Also, I just sent queries to 7 different law firms that specialize in class action lawsuits involving insurance.
Maybe we'll get a favorable response.

Oregon State Wants Complaints From Oregon Resident ONLY!

Oregon State Insurance Dept email addresses:

Joel Ario (Insurance Administrator)

Carolyn A. Hancock (Consumer Advocacy Unit)

Carol R. Simila (Consumer Advocate Liason)

Mitchel D. Curzon (Chief Enforcement Officer)

Be sure to type your claim # in the subject line and say "Complaint about Standard Insurance".
If you don't, your email might be considered spam and be deleted without being read.

Postal address:

Oregon Insurance Division
350 Winter St., NE, Room 440
Salem, OR 07309-0405

You can address it to the attention of any of the people named in the emails above.

Claimants should also write (email or regular post) to the Insurance Commissioner in each of their states. Send a copy to every name they can find. Do a Google search for "Insurance Commissioner for State of XX" ("XX" being the state). Send to every name on the website because you do not know who will listen. In the subject line, say "Complaint about Standard Insurance".

Everyone should send letters to their reps in Washington, which you have done. But it never hurts to repeat this. People should write letters to their newspapers, to Time Magazine, to large newspapers like the New York Times, L.A. Times, 20/20, 60 Minutes, etc. If 30 people sent letters to Oregon State and their own state commissioners this week, or 30 letters went to 60 Minutes this week, you can bet we'd get noticed!

There are many complaints in CA, OR, and WA, and complaints in other states, the bulk of Standard's business is on the West Coast.

You might also check this website out, as Standard Insurance is listed Bad Faith Insurance Claims

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